Self-Cleaning Exhaust Hood System

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New and improved technology in exhaust hood system with Auto Scrubber Hood, a complete hood and filter wash system to help reduce the costs of maintenance, filters that are more efficient, reduce the risk of fire hazard due to heavy grease build-up, and work safety for the kitchen staff so they can focus on the most important matter, customer service.

The following feature outlines key components considerations for Self-Cleaning Hood System


  • Dramatically reduces operating costs by decreasing frequency of filter, hood, and duct cleanings
  • Superior clean-in-place filter technology
  • Premium grease extraction efficiency
  • Increased safety – reduced fire risk, no need to manually remove filters


This new technology is applicable in buildings with large kitchen facilities such as: hospital, school, prison, housing, hotel, theme park, sport stadium, country club.

  • Heavy grease producing appliances such as: charbroilers, woks, fryers, griddles
  • Facilities with long duct runs and long hours of operation
  • Use in conjunction with Pollution Control Units to reduce maintenance costs (replacement filters)

Key Factors components

  • Cleaning the Hood and Filters
  • Cleans both sides of the filters in place;
  • Set of nozzles on both sides of the filters
  • Eliminates daily removal and manual cleaning of grease filters
  • Prevents unsafe removal of filters as there is no need to climb on top of appliances to do so
  • Reduces number of professional cleanings required for hood and duct system
  • Results in a drastic reduction of grease build-up not only on filters but ductwork and fans
  • Decreases the potential for fire

How Does It Works and Who Benefits From It?

The system cleans both sides of the filters and inside of the exhaust plenum in place. The benefits are eliminated the need for daily removal and cleaning, reducing operational costs and increasing work safety. The impact of grease build-up on the filters, ductwork and fans are also potentially decreases fire if not regularly cleaned and maintained.

This system is ideal for operations that produce heavy grease with equipment such as; charbroilers, woks, fryers and griddles. Facilities with long hours of operation and with long duct runs, and open kitchens are highly recommended.

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