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Tam has been fortunate enough to have found her true passion in Art and Design. “It’s interesting how things work out as I thought I was going to become a fashion designer after I graduated high school,” Tam said. However, Tam ended up starting her own restaurant instead, but only after eight years of managing two successful Asian restaurants in California, Tam got out of the restaurant business and went back to school. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as was destined for her career’s path. Since then, she has been “having fun every day” doing what she loves, but more importantly, finding creative ways to make her clients’ vision a reality is very rewarding for her.

Tam enjoys volunteering as a way of giving back to the community; she has volunteered for the following organizations: United States Green Building Council (USGBC), AIA Colorado Chapter, Habitat for Humanity of Albuquerque, Citizen School (an after-school apprentice program teaching Architecture 101 to low-income children), Bridging Hope, and ISP Ignatian Spirituality Project (a spiritual retreat facilitator for the homeless in Denver). 


With a commitment to his education and passion for the arts, Cameron acquired his Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design with a focus on Sustainability; he graduated with honors. Equipped with the knowledge of interior design, skills in the latest technology, and with the support of Tam Interiors, Cameron has had the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in commercial kitchen planning, design, and construction. He has a knack for both classic and modern design styles and prides himself on his contemporary aesthetic, charm, and people skills. Working with Tam, Cameron has to wear many different hats as a designer, researcher, and project manager, which allows him to better serve clients.

Outside the office, Cameron likes to spend his free time outdoors exercising or walking his dog and on occasion picking up litter to help keep trails clean. Cameron’s motto is: Live life by the four L’s. Learn, Listen, Lead and Laugh. Learn everything you can from the people that cross your path, Listen to your intuition, Lead by example, and Laugh at the small things.

The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes. Winston Churchill