Eyes on induction cooking for commercial kitchen

Posted on Apr 10, 2017 by taminteriors in Kitchen Sustainability, Kitchen Trends

Cooking equipment, Gas vs. Electric

The hottest new trend in commercial kitchen with induction cooking

TAM Interiors is delighted to introduce the latest trend in induction cooking in commercial kitchen. The most efficient, safer, faster, and more powerful way in commercial cooking for any operators who want to simplify their operations, and not to mention a significant amount of energy savings on the utility bills. The most important feature about induction cooking equipment is that the heating element is much more powerful than gas cooking equipment. In comparison, induction cooking is 84% of energy in electric used gets used to cook whereas 40% less than half of the energy used gets used in gas to cook. Another cool feature; kitchen with induction cooking equipment makes the kitchen cooler and potentially eliminate the exhaust hood system (depending on menu’s complexity) or alternatively, ventless hood system is available to accommodate induction cooking system. Imagine how much money operators will save on the costs of the exhaust hood, installation, and years of savings on energy bills?

To find out how we can help you design a hoodless kitchen by utilizing the latest technologies in various kitchen equipment such as; induction cookers, ventless fryers, combi/steamer ovens (boilerless), and other electric cookers, contact us at (303) 955 – 0233 or email us

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