Energy Efficiency in Commercial Kitchen

Posted on Apr 11, 2017 by taminteriors in Kitchen Sustainability

Follow these few simple steps to create a sustainable commercial kitchen and reducing energy consumption with new and improved technology in energy efficient kitchen equipment.

Smart design and layout of a commercial kitchen will result a significant influence on the functionality, construction and operation costs, which architects, engineers and owner operators continue to search for solutions to simplify the complexity of the food service industry. Careful planning and research is required in order to ensure the work flow, cost efficiency and avoid cost overruns. TAM Interiors can help the end users simplifying the kitchen layout and providing the clients our expertise, experience, and the latest trends and information in food service and innovative equipment that will produce the most profits to food service operators.

A few factors we used to design a functional, costs effective, energy and water efficiency are:

  • Induction cooking that will reduce cooking time and energy efficiency
  • Replacing convection oven and steamer with combi oven
  • Reduce number of fryers and/or efficient fryers that will result in lower gas bill
  • Utilize ventless equipment when applicable (no exhaust hood needed)
  • Pizza oven that does not need to be under the exhaust hood
  • Budget planning by allocating funding in “smart design & equipment” that will save the operators money on operation and construction costs.

With features listed above, the length of the exhaust hood will be reduced that will result in lower construction cost, and eliminate unnecessary cost on additional equipment and installation.

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