Superfood Bar

Vibe Foods, Lone Tree, CO


Vibe Foods is a Superfood Bar serving acai and specialty bowls. Their products are 100% gluten and dairy free with no processed sugars, chemicals or GMO’s all in earth-friendly packaging. In addition to acai and other specialty bowls, their menu has a variety of other superfoods items such as fresh Kombucha on tap, soft serve ice creams, smoothies, wellness shots, anti-oxidant lemonades, superfood coffees and a variety other superfoods items.

The concept was born due to the Weston’s family personal experience with one of their kids, who struggled with an unexplained health issue. They were offered medical treatment by their doctor but wanted to explore a more natural approach. As a result their family’s diet changed ten years ago.

Framework of Success Criteria for Design:

  • Time constraint on build-out
  • Store must be open in four months
  • Budget under $150,000 including construction and new kitchen equipment

Due to the limited time for Tenant Improvement offered by the landlord, a total of 120 days, the client hired me to start working on the design a few weeks prior to closing on the lease. By the time the lease was signed, we were well prepared and I delivered a completed construction document CD set to be submitted to the city for review and comments.

The second challenge was that the construction cost came in approximately 25% higher than the budget. In order to save costs I stepped in as a project manager during construction, working with the sub-contractors and was able to complete the project on time and within budget.

Issues to be resolved:

  • Tight budget
  • Limited time allowed for design and construction
  • Not enough amperage from existing electrical panel
  • Cooking equipment without exhaust hood installed was wanted
how our services Helped

Understanding the client’s time constraint, I advised the client to prolong the lease negotiation time frame. This helped buy us time for the design team to complete the design and to produce the construction document.

Secondly, I know how and when to step in to solve problems or when needed. This is an essential instinct of any professional and the concept of, “that’s not my job or that was not in the contract” never happens when working with TAM Interiors.

  • Completed project on time and within budget
  • Updated electrical panel to a 200 amps
  • New and improved technologies in cooking equipment recommended that required no exhaust hood
  • Brand new kitchen equipment and furniture