Pueblo District 70

School Cafeteria Renovation, Pueblo, CO


TAM Interiors was commissioned to provide a ‘facelift’ to 19 school cafeterias, with a tight timeline of seven weeks and all work being required to be completed during the summer break prior to schools reopening.


Framework of Success Criteria for Design:

  • New paint colors selection based on the school’s logo and pre-existing color scheme
  • Installing mosaic wall tiles / wall base
  • Installing new decorative laminates on stainless steel serving counter
  • Fixing cracked flooring and additional surfaces

Framework of Success Criteria for Design:

Several major challenges were faced during the project. One of the challenges was the fact that the school representative had previously contacted another design firm prior to hiring TAM Interiors to take on the project after waiting over two months for a response from the first company. Collaborating with the school’s maintenance crews, working around the schools’ schedules and a shortage of materials and sub-contractors during the pandemic were additional hurdles that we hadn’t considered during the design phase.    


Issues to be resolved:


  • Cafeterias were old and outdated
  • Lacked color and visual interest in the kitchen spaces
  • Tight timeline on construction
  • Shortage of sub-contractors for installation
  • Shortage of materials
  • Long lead times on materials

How Our Services Helped

To meet the school’s timeline, the color schemes and design elements were developed around the District 70 school logos in order to simplify the construction process for the sub-contractors. Working around the clock (sometimes double shifts) our team was able to complete the project three days prior to the schools reopening.