Falcon Nest

Falcons Nest Field House, Air Force Academy, CO


For this addition, the Air Force Academy wished to build a catering kitchen and bar to specifically cater to its approximately 400 athletes and VIP guests. As there were no gas lines readily available at this facility, cooking equipment was specified to be ventless and electric. The bar was designed for a mixed use of serving health-conscious options like juices and protein drinks during the day for the athletes, with liquor sales taking precedent during sporting events.


Framework of Success Criteria for Design:

  • Ventless kitchen equipment (no gas applicable)
  • Fully functional catering kitchen able to serve up to 1000 guests
  • Self-serve buffet line for events
  • Full bar used for dual purposes (healthy drinks / liquor sales)


Check back from time to time to see our progress.


Issues to be resolved:

  • No gas available for commercial kitchen equipment
  • No kitchen in previously existing space
  • No bar in previous space
  • Bar must be flexible for different uses

How Our Services Helped

With a clean slate of the space presented by the architect, we were able to successfully design the kitchen and bar with all features and functions as the Air Force Academy desired.  A full commercial catering kitchen, dual purpose bar and the self-serve buffet line were all components stated in the project’s scope and all were implemented successfully.