5020 Boardwalk Dr. Colorado Springs, CO


The DAEC center is Tam Interiors passion project and will serve as a collaboration center for trade professionals of Design, Architecture, Engineering and Construction with a focus on sustainable design. The aesthetic in this space will provide a balance of modern design and natural elements such as the maximization of natural lighting, plants, wood and stone while also focusing on the lines and shapes commonly found in minimalist design. The environment within the DAEC center should allow employees to work efficiently in their office but also have a space to refresh themselves, for example the interior courtyard or outdoor garden space.

Framework of Success Criteria for Design:

  • New office space for Tam Interiors
  • Meeting space for trade professionals
  • Outdoor space to unwind (Xeriscape landscaping)
  • Interior courtyard for conferencing and events
  • Rental office space
  • Kitchen space
  • Plotting / printing space
  • Sustainable technologies / materials and practices (solar, tankless water heater, LED lighting, keyless entry system, etc.)


Building on an open lot and designing the structural, foundation and roofing plans are all elements we aren’t usually responsible for providing and require extra attention from our team. The building will be a prefabricated permanent construction with a constrained budget and a shortened construction timeline so that it will quickly be available to occupy.

Issues to be resolved:

  • Ensuring foundational and structural details meet the IBC and regional building standards
  • Maximizing occupant’s rental space without sacrificing our minimalist aesthetic
  • Building façade to match surrounding structures
  • Construction timeline
  • Limited budget

How Our Services Helped

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