Catering Kitchen

Lookout Mountain, Golden, CO


TAM Interiors was commissioned to restore and renovate an existing restaurant building that had been damaged in a fire. TAM Interiors led a Design/Build team to revitalize the old building into a modern and yet timeless design, a catering event center that celebrates personalized experience.

Framework of Success Criteria for Design:

  • Restoration and renovation of an old restaurant that was damaged in a fire
  • Raising the ceiling from 8’ to 13’ high with exposed duct equipment
  • New roof
  • New ADA restrooms
  • New kitchen
  • New structural components to support a new rooftop for future roof deck use
  • New concrete flooring with mixed crushed glass from wine bottles
  • New modern Japanese Shou Sugi Ban wood siding
  • New doors & windows; 6’ double entry doors, 4’ fire exit kitchen door, 8’ rollup garage glass door, and two bifold windows


This old restaurant has been vacant for several years and was being used for storage, then the building caught fire and was considered a total loss. The positive side was that the incident gave the owner the opportunity to renovate the old building into a modern and timeless event center-catering kitchen as an extension event center for his catering business located just a few miles away.

The existing building was in poor condition and did not meet IBC building codes, and the client’s insurance adjuster agreed to pay for the building to be restored and brought up-to-date with the IBC 2018 building codes.

Issues to be resolved:

  • Restore a fire damaged building
  • Low ceiling height
  • No structure support system for the new roof
  • The building was old and did not meet building codes
  • The kitchen equipment was not working

how our services Helped

As a Primary Contractor, TAM Interiors assembled a Design/Build team to include architect, MEP engineering, structural engineer, and general contractor and lead the team from design phase through to completed construction phase.

With the Design/Build method of project delivery, the owner only needed to deal with one single contract with TAM Interiors from initial concept through to project completion. This method simplified the process decreasing the administrative burden so the owner could just focus on his other business rather than managing disparate contracts.