Aaron Gordon’s Kitchen

Swish! Scoring Big with Aaron Gordon’s Slam Dunk Kitchen Transformation!


A Kitchen Renovation That’s Nothing But Net!


When the Denver Nuggets’ high-flying hoop star, Aaron Gordon, needed a top-tier kitchen transformation in his warehouse residence in Denver’s hip RiNo district, he lobbed the ball to our ace interior designer. 

With a client as dynamic as Aaron on the court, we needed nothing short of a slam dunk kitchen design, and spoiler alert: it was!

It All Began with a Simple “Urban Modern” Strategy

 Our team adopted an ‘urban modern’ design strategy. The goal was to blend practical functionality with Colorado’s cool and crisp winter morning vibe. 

We shared a design brief with Aaron outlining the main design goals: a commercial styled kitchen that embodied residential warmth and modern style.

The Design Process: From Palette to Patterns

We went with stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment palette which perfectly balanced professional efficiency and sleek modern aesthetics. 

Next, we tested some design play-offs on the floor and ultimately selected chic hexagon pattern tiles that bedazzled the sleek walls. We meticulously laid each tile to perfection, setting the stage for many a culinary triple-double!

Our design ace, knowing Aaron’s penchant for hibachi’s spectacles, took a downtown shot and integrated a state-of-the-art commercial hibachi griddle centerpiece. 

With this sleek backdrop setup, every meal is promised to be a highlight-reel-worthy experience, a flavorful spectacle that woos the diners before arriving on the plate!

The Big Reveal: A Buzzer-Beater Win

When Aaron entered the transformed space nine months later, the look on his face was the trophy moment every designer dreams of!

With his Eyes wide, smile broader than the court he dominates, he wonder explored his new kitchen arena.

As he touched the commercial exhaust hood and fired up the stove, he was genuinely surprised and delighted.

 “The finished design looked just like the rendering!” 

The final swish – a design three-pointer that left everyone, including our star player, absolutely thrilled.

Game, Set, Kitchen!

This kitchen renovation was not just a design triumph for us but a playbook of capturing and reflecting client’s needs, tastes, and lifestyle and in their interior. 


Kitchen renovation is beyond creating a space to dine in – it is about crafting an experience, and setting the stage for culinary delights and lifelong memories made on the dinner table.

A standing ovation is in order for our design MVP for delivering a win that Denver – and especially Aaron Gordon – won’t soon forget! 

So, the next time you’re tasked with a design challenge as monumental as the Rockies, remember: with the right vision, every kitchen can be a champion!