Residential Project

Kitchen & Bath Renovation, Broomfield, CO


In our first ever residential project, we were commissioned to renovate an outdated kitchen and bathroom with a modern ranch aesthetic. With ample open space, plenty of natural light and simple yet timeless design elements, we were able to successfully meet the clients’ expectations.


Framework of Success Criteria for Design:

  • Modern ranch style in design
  • Open space floor plan
  • New stair rails
  • New lighting fixtures
  • New master bathroom
  • New guest bathroom
  • New luxury vinyl flooring
  • New mud room
  • New kitchen
  • New appliances
  • New library
  • Custom millwork


“Broomfield city is loved for its hometown feel, beautiful parks, and plentiful open space,” according to Money Magazine’s 2020 Best Places to Live.  The homes in the neighborhood where our project is located were built by a developer that created cookie cutter homes and lacked the characteristics of a unique home for the family.


Issues to be resolved:

  • Kitchen was old and outdated
  • Living room was dark and dingy
  • Kitchen space and living room were separated by a wall with fireplace
  • Bathrooms were small and outdated
  • Existing kitchen cabinets were cheap 

How Our Services Helped

This first residential renovation project has helped Tam learn the importance of the ‘sacred spaces’ in the home; these spaces required special considerations to the families’ daily lifestyles and activities. By understanding the essential requirements of her client, Tam, as a Primary Contractor, was able to manage the construction team from the start of the project to its completion.