Hyderabad House

Hyderabad House


Hyderabad is a young chain restaurant serving authentic Indian cuisine. There was no concept design and style set in place with the franchisor and franchisees, so owners can design their own restaurants the way they like. The owners of the Centennial location are two young professionals; they wanted the look and feel of the dining room to reflect the Bollywood design style which appeals to the younger generation.

Framework of Success Criteria for Design:

  • Minimal construction to existing dining room
  • Restaurant opened in 10 weeks
  • Bollywood style in design
  • Costs to include: construction labor, lighting fixture, materials & finishes and new furniture


The biggest challenge on this project was the lowest budget that I had ever experienced. A total of $29,000 was given to renovate an ancient existing Chinese restaurant dining room of 1000 sf and this budget included: construction labor, demolition, new flooring, ceiling, wall and window treatments, lighting fixtures and new furniture.

Although modern, contemporary design seems simple and easy because there are limited detail elements in the interior, however, with such a tight budget and the requirement of the Bollywood design elements, it was a great struggle to accomplish.

Issues to be resolved:

  • Extremely low budget of $29,000 to renovate a 1000 sf dining room, including construction costs
  • Time constraints on construction
  • The building was ancient
  • Bollywood style in design
how our services Helped

To achieve the Bollywood style design, red quarry tiles were replaced with modern ceramic tiles in a light hue color. Old plaster and wallpaper were replaced with new pattern wallpaper colors of off-white and light grey. Acoustic ceilings were replaced with decorative tin/metal ceiling tiles. Contemporary large pendant lighting fixtures were added in the center of the dining room and wall sconces added accent to the modern pattern wallpaper. Cornice valances in soft linen dressed up the nakedness of the windows as a final touch which tied all the elements together for the final Bollywood design.


  • $29,000 budget met
  • Bollywood style design achieved
  • Project completed within 90 days
  • The interior space is bright and open